Air Show

Air show at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA

I figured I would go and photograph the air show this weekend.  So, Sunday I headed out to see what I could get, even though it was cloudy.  I heard Saturday was better, but I couldn’t make it that day.   I almost didn’t go because it looked like rain, and it actually did rain the whole trip there.  

Once there, the rain let up enough that I felt safe being outside with my camera.  That was one of the reasons that I didn’t actually go on the base, because I wanted to be close to my truck in case it rained again.  I found a spot near the Northern end of the runway to set up, and this is what I got… 



Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse Of The Sun, Santee, South Carolina, August 21st, 2017

The first photo is my version of the recent total solar eclipse.  It is a composite of 9 photos taken in succession. I utilized F. Espenak’s “Digital Compositing Techniques for Coronal Imaging” for the composite.

To my new friends that I met that day, I wish you both well.  We were brought together by common interest of an awe inspiring event that not everyone will ever want or get to realize.  It was an honor to photograph beside and get to know you guys.  It was my pleasure to meet you and hope to see you again.

This next photo is of the Solar Prominences that are visible as bright red flames coming out from behind the moon.

The third photograph is of the Diamond Ring Effect.  Moments after the moon grazes past the Sun, the bright light creates what resembles a diamond ring. 


Acceptance Into Stockley Gardens Arts Festival, Norfolk, VA


I recently got accepted into the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival in the Ghent area of Norfolk, Va.  Here are the photos that got me accepted…

Jefferson MonumentStreaks of light from cars passing to and fro with City Hall in the background. The effect is made by a long camera exposure.

Christ & St. Lukes In The Snow @ Norfolk, VA

Although it rained twice before in the Spring, it will be the fourth time I have done this show and am looking forward to this one as well.  They always have good food and music, which is a plus.  There is also lots of kid friendly things to do as well.

The Festival times are as follows:

Saturday, May 21st from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 22nd from noon to 5:00 p.m.

2016-03-07 09.43.38 pm


Sometimes I Don’t Take Photographs

Sometimes I find myself in a place, in a moment, in a state of wanting not to photograph; just to take it all in.  It is at these fleeting moments I wish my minds eye could rotate the dial and expose the negative for me so I could just enjoy the positive moment for myself.  But alas, the need to convey what I see outweighs my own ambitions.  I live vicariously through the lens after the fact unless I don’t.  It is in those latter times I feel most alive.



Acceptance Into Halls of Art XVI

Snow Storm Fence and Oak @ Waukesha,WI

My photograph, Snow Storm Fence and Oak was accepted into the Halls of Art XVI Exhibition.

Starting on November 11th of this year it may be seen and is for purchase at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton Virginia. It will be on display for approximately six months.
I currently have two other photographs on display there now that I wrote about back on May 2nd of this year.


Directions to the convention center :

1610 Coliseum Drive
Hampton VA, 23666